The TO Design Team believes in the magic and power of excellent design. For almost 30 years, we have been a leader in the design and detailing of urban spaces and sites, from schools, to streetscapes, to play environments, to historic parks.

The TO Design difference is in our people and process. Our talented and dedicated staff concentrates on what is important: the needs of the client and project above all else. Our goal is to create timeless outdoor places that will provide decades of use to the community.

A TO Design space is evident in its simplicity, elegance and appropriateness. We achieve this through the use of natural elements, a deep understanding of environmental factors, and genuine empathy for the end users.

Our legacy projects include Hartford’s Learning Corridor, New Britain’s Arch Walkway, the Eastern Connecticut State University Child Development Center and numerous projects at F.L. Olmsted’s Walnut Hill Park.

Our success can be measured by the numerous awards that we have received from our peers. Whether acting as the prime consultant or as a sub-consultant team member, we can help to make your project a success, never forgetting to add in the magic!